11 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men [2024 Style Guide] (2024)

The mullet haircut is making a striking comeback. This popular hairstyle in the 80s lay dormant for nearly four decades, but it recently awoke from its slumber and is slowly taking the world by storm again.

The long hair mullet haircut makes a powerful statement. Business in the front and party in the back is still the overall theme and because of this, the mullet is a great choice for men who are looking to stand out in a crowd.

This raucous style has many modern modifications that render it aesthetically pleasing to look at in the 21st century.

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1. Modern Mullet

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11 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men [2024 Style Guide] (2)

The best way to rock the modern mullet haircut is with the addition of tapered or faded sides. When the sides are cut short the mullet outline flares out, creating a vortex of textural interest.

A ton of current haircuts for men have the sides tapered or faded and adding them to the classic mullet breathes new life into the haircut; metamorphosing it into the modern mullet. This style is innovative and speaks for itself.

2. Curly Mullet

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The curly mullet haircut is an excellent way to enhance the modern mullet. The luscious curls sit majestically on your mane just waiting to impress. There are many options when it comes to the long hair curly mullet!

The curls can extend from the fringe all the way to the nape or it can nestle cozily just above the nape or lower neck, draping down.

A perm is an excellent option if you want to get bodacious curls. A spiral perm is a great option and will suit the curly mullet look as the curls will not be as tight giving for a more natural appearance.

3. Combination Mullet

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The mullet is a flexible style and can fit with a variety of different cuts in the fringe. A combination form haircut is simply two haircuts combined on one head and is a current hair fashion trend.

To keep the mullet aesthetic, the hair has to be longer in the back and nape area and the hair must drape downwards. Other than that there is unlimited opportunity to style the fringe.

An excellent example of a combination mullet is achieved when the front hair is styled up. The hair in the fringe area can be styled to achieve a pompadour look, flat top style, or a messy jumble just to name a few.

The mullet hairstyle addition in the back allows for unlimited styling opportunities in the front. Creativity is key when it comes to the combination mullet!

4. Mullet With Hair Tattoo

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The term hair tattoo is daunting, but it is simply a design that is etched into the hair by the use of clippers or razors.

Generally the hair tattoo is placed around the temple and nape area, forming an intricate design that is appealing to the eyes. The mullet haircut combined with a hair tattoo allows for absolute creative freedom.

The only limit is how well your stylist or barber can pull the hairstyle off (some may politely refuse). Simple lines dancing alongside jagged edges in the hairline contrast smoothly with the loud and boisterous mullet.

One downside is that hair tattoos grow in very quickly. If you are blessed with a good design that you love, you will need to visit your hair artist on a weekly basis to get it touched up.

5. Cropped Mullet

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The cropped fringe is a hairstyle that is currently very popular amongst young adults. The short bold bangs complement the long mullet hairstyle when combined. The resulting texture is surprisingly satisfying.

The cropped mullet is a very intriguing haircut and it tells an interesting story. The mullet, which was the reigning king of 80’s cuts, was thought to be long gone and never coming back.

However, when it is paired with the current hottest haircut the mullet is revived and is able to reclaim its throne. Wavy hair and thick hair is a great hair texture to rock the cropped mullet, they match the face shape nicely.

6. Color Infused Mullet

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Coloring the long hair mullet hairstyle is another option to keep the haircut fresh. Choosing a bright and vibrant color will accentuate the mullet, effectively adding personality.

Ash and platinum are safe tones that are greatly sought after and they look fantastic on any mullet style. The opportunities are endless when it comes to coloring. Highlight certain strands within the hair is another way to create visual interest.

7. Short Mullet

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Short mullet hairstyle may sound oxymoronic, but the overall look is fascinating. Current hair trends are favoring short hair. The short hair mullet challenges the preconceived notions of what a “regular” mullet must adhere to.

A short mullet looks best when it is heavily textured. The fringe area should have a messy look that extends to the crown area. The messy look gives the hair an unkempt style that is very desirable amongst men. The hair in the back and nape area can be draped in many different fashions.

It can match the textured top, or it can be slick and straight. Facial hair adds dimension to this short hair mullet hairstyle and definitely makes a fashion statement.

8. Long Mullet (Hockey Hair)

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The term “flow” is thrown around in the hockey community and refers to long locks of hair that almost resembles a shag. If you’re looking to rock a wild mane haircut and achieve some flow, the long mullet is the best option.

Need inspiration? Check out Jaromír Jágr. He had arguably the best hockey flow in the NHL and it no doubt contributed to his on ice dominance.

The long mullet is a unique men’s hairstyle and many say a long mullet is a good mullet.

9. Mullet with Shaved Sides (Undercut Mullet)

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Deciding to go with shaved sides is potentially the best way to showcase the mullet haircut. The bare skin has a profounding effect as it highlights the outline of the mullet hairdo.

There is no blending between the sides and the top, the striking contrast is what makes this haircut bold. The undercut mullet style has a rockstar feel to it. donning this version of the mullet takes confidence and a carefree attitude.

Mullet FAQs

What defines a mullet hairstyle?

As long as the hair is short in the front and sides with the hair being noticeably long in the back the mullet look is achieved.

Will a mullet suit my facial features?

Mullets are an anomaly. One would think it should look silly! The loose definition of a mullet is basically, “business in the front, party in the back”. How would a haircut with that description ever look good? The crazy answer is, honestly, it just does. The people who don the mullet are confident and poised which contributes to the aesthetic.

You must not be ashamed to wear the mullet, or it will not look good on you. Own the mullet, and you will find it matches your face quite well. If you are tentative about rocking the mullet, it might not be the best fit for you.

How long does it take to grow a mullet?

Generally a mullet will take about six months to a year to grow out the lengths in the back. A mullet can generally start to be formed once the back lengths reach about two inches.

Is a blow dryer really a necessity for the mullet?

No. The blow dryer is not a necessity. However, by omitting the blow dryer when styling you are severely limiting your styling options. The blow dryer is used to quickly set the hair and to add volume which elevates the mullet to the next level.

Opting for finger-styling only is a fine choice, but to get the most out of your mullet definitely look into purchasing a blow dryer and learning how to use it properly. It is a small investment that pays out immense dividends in the future if you’re a fan of grooming.

11 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men [2024 Style Guide] (2024)
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