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Dash ice cream maker recipes are one of easiest ice cream recipes you can make at home with simple and easy ingredients and having just dash ice cream maker!

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Craving a scoop of ice cream right now? No worries, I’m here with some quick and easy dash ice cream maker recipes that you can follow to enjoy your favorite flavor at home without going outside.

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite. No one can deny a scoop or two of ice cream whether it’s hot summer days, or even on cold winter evenings like me. Because I personally like to enjoy ice cream in winters rather than in summer.

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So having a dash ice cream maker at home lets you have control over hundreds of flavors using simple ingredients and easy steps in just 5 minutes whether you make simple vanilla ice cream, or add flavors like chocolate, strawberry, cookies or coffee.

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You can make a cup of ice cream organically without adding artificial flavors just like store bought ice cream, it lets you become more adventurous when you experiment with different ingredients and get delicious and your favorite flavors in no time.

Not only ice cream, using a dash ice cream maker you can make frozen yogurts, sorbets, gelato and Sherbets easily.

Looking for a healthy, low calorie and keto-friendly ice cream without breaking your diet?? Here is quick and simple anabolic ice cream, full of flavors and low in calories i.e. just 150 calories per serving.

Tips for Dash Ice Cream Maker

If you’re using dash ice cream maker for the first time, here are some important tips you must keep in mind before using dash ice cream maker, and making your favorite flavor perfectly in no time!

Tip#1: you need to chill the cooling bowl of the ice cream maker in the freezer for at least 30 minutes or for 24 hours before using. It will help to churn and firm the ice cream more quickly.

Tip#2: Use the cooling bowl within 20 minutes after removing it from the freezer. After 20 minutes, or for next use, you need to chill the bowl again.

Tip#3: If you have dash my pint ice cream maker, it yields only one cup of ice cream at one time, best for one serving. So adjust the recipe ingredients according to it. Dash also has an everyday ice cream maker with a large capacity, that is perfect for a family.

Tip#4: if after churning, the ice cream is still watery you can freeze it for 3 to 4 hours in an air-tight container to get a firmer texture.

Tip#5: You can also make the ice cream batter ahead of time, and freeze for at least 24 hours. It will help to churn and firm the ice cream more quickly.

Dash ice cream maker recipes

Ice cream is one the favorite desserts that everyone loves to enjoy, no matter what season it is, it is equally favorite among young and old.

I like to make recipes from scratch, whether they’re soups, or sauces, or even ice cream. And dash ice cream maker makes my life easier with its compatibility. You just pour in your favorite ice cream base, and some mix-ins if you like and let the machine work.

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The good thing, all the recipes I’ve shared, not only you can make in dash ice cream maker, but you can use any of the ice cream makers available to satisfy your taste buds in no time.

So without wasting any more time, let’s explore quick and easy dash ice cream maker recipes, you can enjoy at home.

1. Almond Joy Ice Cream

Enjoy the tropical flavors at home with this light and fluffy ice cream base full of coconut flakes, chocolate and almonds.

No eggs.. means you don’t need to wait any more. Just mix your favorite add-ins in ice cream base, and you’re ready for this frozen treat.

Toasted coconut adds an extra crunchy flavor in ice cream, for this you can bake the grated coconut flakes in oven for about 10 minutes.

The crazy combination of toasted coconut with chopped almonds and chocolate chips will make you a big fan of this Almond joy ice cream.

2. Homemade Drumstick Ice Cream

This can be a best ice cream recipe, when you’ve some leftover waffle cones at home.

It only needs a simple vanilla ice cream base with some add-ins like chocolate, peanuts and of course some waffles bits.

The good thing, you can make this ice cream even without an ice cream maker.

So gather your leftovers, and let’s do something to satisfy our sweet tooth.

3. Roasted Cherry Pistachio Ice Cream

Imagine a vanilla ice cream that is loaded with toasty pistachios and tons of juicy roasted cherries, making it a best summer treat.

Just churn chilled vanilla ice cream base in your dash ice cream maker, and then fold in some roasted cherries, toasty pistachios and top it with hot fudge sauce.

On hot summer days, this will be a heavenly frozen treat for you.

4. Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Have fun by making this cookie monster ice cream at home. You can make it from scratch by making vanilla ice cream base.

Or use pre-made vanilla ice cream, and to give an eye-catching blue color, use a blue gel food color.

This cookie monster ice cream is fully loaded with Oreos and chocolate chip cookies, making it a best treat for your birthday parties for kids.

5. Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Looking for a perfect frozen treat for your birthday party?? Try this delicious birthday cake ice cream, full of birthday colors, birthday cake and cookie dough.

To make the recipe simple and easy, vanilla ice cream is used as base for birthday cake ice cream.

Make the base in your ice cream maker, than add birthday cake pieces and small cookie dough nuggets to make ice cream crunchy and chunky.

Sprinkle some birthday confetti to enhance birthday colors, and enjoy!!

6. Tiger Tail Ice Cream Recipe

Tiger tail or tiger-tiger ice cream is a famous Canadian ice cream, having a tangy orange flavor with a black licorice ribbon.

Start by preparing orange ice cream as base for your tiger tail ice cream. Once the ice cream is churned properly, its time to create black licorice strips.

Scoop out some ice cream in your favorite serving bowl, and drizzle a scoop of licorice ribbon mixture roughly over it to make ribbons.

Enjoy the traditional flavors of Canada at home by making this quick and yummy ice cream at home.

7. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Enjoy the deliciousness of salted caramel ice cream – a crowd-pleaser for parties or potlucks!

This no-fuss, gluten-free homemade treat requires only 4 ingredients the good thing, you don’t need any cooking or eggs.

Top it with extra caramel sauce, melted orgrated chocolate, or just a few pieces of apple.

8. Mississippi Mud Ice Cream

Save this triple chocolate ice cream recipe to your favorite ice cream recipes list to try it again and again!

Mississippi mud ice cream holds all of the deliciousness of Mississippi mud pie loaded with cookies, chocolate, coffee and cream.

This is completely gluten free, and egg free ice cream recipe, and if you use gluten free cookies, than this ice cream can be served as a best healthy ice cream sundae.

With a creamy chocolate base, delicious and chunky cookie bits, and swirls of fudge sauce, this ice cream becomes a chocolate lover’s dream that come’s true!!

9. Rocky Road Ice Cream Recipe

This is the smoothest and creamiest ice cream you’ve tried ever. A soft chocolate ice cream loaded with a lot of roasted almonds and marshmallows.

It’s custard base and extra pudding makes the ice cream base extra creamy and smooth, making it more appealing and tasty.

10. Apple Pie Ice Cream

Make this naturally nut free and gluten free apple pie ice cream to satisfy your taste buds this fall season.

Philadelphia style ice creams like this one use a mixture of cream and milk instead of eggs to make ice cream.

This apple pie ice cream tastes like a slice of apple pie a la mode. The delicious combination of crispy cookies, and soft, cooked cinnamon apples makes it a crowd pleasure.

11. Lemon Poppy seed Ice Cream

Enjoy this tangy zesty lemon ice cream with the goodness of poppy seeds.

Start by making ice cream base, mix lemon zest, lemon juice, sugar and eggs in milk and vanilla.

Cook on medium heat until thickens. Strain and refrigerate until cool. Don’t forget to cover the container with plastic wrap.

Now stir in heavy cream and churn according to your ice cream maker instructions. Add poppy seeds during churning. Enjoy!!

12. Black Licorice Ice Cream

Ice cream doesn’t need to be dull! and when you’ve your favorite ice cream maker at home, its time to let your Let your imagination run wild and create flavors as exciting as your dreams.

Gluten free Black Licorice Ice Cream– It’s made for all of the lovers of black, with a bitter sweat combination of licorice and black jelly beans out there!

A rich, French-style ice cream base crafted with egg yolks results this licorice-flavored ice cream silky smooth and decadent.

13. Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream

Pistachio is one of the classic flavor you can find in ice cream stores.

Its vibrant color, sweet nutty flavor and fragrant aroma will take you in pistachio heaven.

Eggless, and dairy-free – you need only 6 main ingredients to make this yummy pistachio ice cream.

The recipe is also completely gluten-free and sugar-free, so enjoy this tasty and healthy frozen treat any time!!

14. Cotton Candy Ice Cream

If you love cotton candy, you only need 5 ingredients to make this creamy, slow churned ice cream full of cotton candy flavors.

Just add your ingredients chilled in your ice cream maker and let your machine work.

Add your favorite cotton candy flavor while churning, and enjoy this soft-served creamy cotton candy ice cream.

15. Black Raspberry Ice Cream with Oreos

The creamiest black Raspberry ice cream loaded with tons of chocolate oreo bits, makes this ice cream a kinda party favorite!!

The recipe calls for a custard cream base for ice cream using egg yolks, which makes the ice cream more smooth and creamy.

Make ice cream base in your ice cream maker and then fold in chopped chocolate chip Oreo cookies.

You can enjoy it right after churning, or if you like your cookies to be more soft, freeze it again for 24 to 48 hours!!

16. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

And when we’re exploring our favorite ice cream flavors, how can we forgot this super delicious cookies and cream ice cream.

Cook custard for ice cream base according to recipe.

Now cool and churn base in your ice cream maker, and in last minutes add the crushed cookies while churning.

Your quick and delicious cookie and cream ice cream is ready to serve. Enjoy with crushed cookies and some drizzled chocolate if you like…

17. Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

There is nothing like a homemade Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream.

Real bits of cheesecake folded in blueberry ice cream, and the good thing – the recipe is totally gluten free and keto friendly..

Make cheesecake base, jammy blueberry drizzle and ice cream base separately.

While churning the ice cream base, add cheesecake bits, and drizzle some blueberry mixture in last 2-3 minutes, and your blueberry cheesecake ice cream is ready to serve.

18. Best Maple Ice Cream

A perfectly creamy and silky smooth ice cream with a taste of light maple syrup.

As it is using maple syrup, so it is totally sugar-free.

You can pair this simple ice cream with many of your favorite desserts, or simply use it as a sugar-free ice cream base for more curios ideas.

Make it ahead, if you like a firmer texture, or enjoy it right out of the ice cream machine if you like a soft serve.

Sum Up!!

Ok, so finally here are 18 quick and easy dash ice cream maker recipes, you can enjoy at home.

Don’t worry, if you have another ice cream maker instead of Dash. These recipes will work fine with any ice cream maker you have.

Even most of the recipes, you can even try without any machine, just by following simple tips and tricks.

So gather some easy-peasy ingredients and dive into the world of ice cream with recipezenith.

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18 Dash Ice Cream Maker Recipes - RecipeZenith (5)

18 Dash Ice Cream Maker Recipes

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Dash ice cream maker recipes are one of easiest ice cream recipes you can make at home with simple and easy ingredients and having just dash ice cream maker!


  • Almond Joy Ice Cream

  • Homemade Drumstick Ice Cream

  • Roasted Cherry Pistachio Ice Cream

  • Cookie Monster Ice Cream

  • Birthday Cake Ice Cream

  • Tiger Tail Ice Cream Recipe

  • Salted Caramel Ice Cream

  • Mississippi Mud Ice Cream

  • Rocky Road Ice Cream Recipe

  • Apple Pie Ice Cream

  • Lemon Poppy seed Ice Cream

  • Black Licorice Ice Cream

  • Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream

  • Cotton Candy Ice Cream

  • Black Raspberry Ice Cream with Oreos

  • Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

  • Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

  • Best Maple Ice Cream


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Gather the ingredients and follow the recipe steps carefully.
  • Each of this dash ice cream maker recipe takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. So make and enjoy with your toppings and add-ins.
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18 Dash Ice Cream Maker Recipes - RecipeZenith (2024)
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