Where to order checks online (2024)

You’ve got your debit card, your credit card and perhaps some cash in your wallet. But what about checks? Many people still use personal checks to make large purchases, pay businesses that don’t accept cards or create a paper trail that documents proof of payment.

If you’re out of checks or your supply is low, you can reorder them from your bank or credit union — but it’s not your only choice. You can also get checks from numerous online merchants and national retailers, sometimes at a lower cost. If you want to order checks online, here are the best places to do it.

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What is online check ordering?

Instead of ordering checks by phone or at a branch with your bank, you can do it online. You’ll typically order using your online banking account or your bank’s mobile app. Whether you use your bank or a retailer, you can often order quickly and easily. You can also find discounts.

You’ll need to be cautious when ordering checks online, as with any other type of purchase. Do your research and make sure you use a secure site.

“You’re going to want to be sure that you choose a reputable provider, ideally one that allows you the option of security holograms or chemical security features,” said Richard Gardner, CEO of Modulus, a financial technology company.

Best places to order checks online

You can choose from many different options for ordering checks online. You’ll want to consider a few factors, including check style, cost and shipping, to help you figure out the best place to order checks online. As you are comparison shopping, note that your bank may be able to provide standard checks at little to no cost, depending on the type of account you have.

Here are some of the best options for ordering personal checks online:

Online printers

Checks.com: Choose from many styles and quantities, starting at $4.95 for a box of 80.

Checksforless.com: Personal checks are available in numerous styles and quantities, starting at $12.95 for a box of 100.

Checkworks: Standard pricing starts at $10.99 for a box of 125 checks and 30 deposit slips.

Big-box stores

Costco: Members get a discount on checks ordered through Harland Clarke Check Printing, and your price will depend on your membership level. An Executive member pays $21.14 for a box of 400 blue safety checks; a Gold Star/Business member pays $26.42.

Walmart: Single checks start at $8.52 for a box of 120.

Sam’s Club: The basic type starts at $15.33 for two packs of 480 total checks.

Security measures for online check ordering

It is generally safe to order checks online and a reputable service will use several layers of security to protect your information. You may find explanations of security measures on the provider’s website.

If you have specific concerns, you can always reach out and ask before you place an order. You can also check reviews and ratings online at Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.

How to order checks online

These are the steps you’ll follow to order checks online:

1. Research and choose a place to order checks online.

2. Pick your check design. A simple design usually has a lower price than a customized option. You’ll also indicate whether you want single or duplicate checks, which include thin carbon copies for your records. You can opt for high-security checks, which have enhanced security features.

3. Determine how many checks you need. If you only write a few checks a month, one box could last a long time.

4. Enter your personal and financial information. You’ll need to provide your name, address, phone number, checking account number and bank routing number.

“Some banks have special deals or connections with particular vendors that connect directly into their systems,” Gardner said. “Otherwise, you’ll need to be prepared to enter your account number and routing number to order your checks. Double and triple check to make sure they are correct.”

5. Review your shipping options. Pay close attention to the shipping schedule if you’re running low on checks because an order could take a few weeks to arrive.

“If you need them in a hurry, be sure that the delivery time is workable for your situation,” Gardner said. “Otherwise, consider expedited delivery.”

How to get cheap personal checks online

Shop around: Take some time to find the best price among big-box stores and other online retailers. You can also look for online promo codes, which can save cash.

Consider a bulk order: You’ll get a bigger discount if you buy more boxes.

Keep it simple: Order basic checks instead of customized designs, which cost more. Special security features and duplicates also add to the price.

Avoid pricey shipping: Don’t wait until you’re down to the last check and need to place a costly rush order.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

To order checks online, you will need to provide your name, address, bank routing number and account number. You will also need to indicate what check number you’d like your order to begin with.

Rush orders can be placed, at an upgraded price, and you can expect to receive your checks within a couple of business days. If you opt for standard shipping with tracking, expect your order to take at least seven business days. If you order your checks without tracking, the shipment can take a few days longer.

If you encounter an issue when ordering checks online, the best thing to do is call the vendor’s customer service line.

Where to order checks online (2024)
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